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Behavior Management

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Managing behavior during dental treatment

Dr. Dina is highly experienced in treating children with a wide range of behaviors. She offers many different treatment options are suitable for children of all ages that have different oral and behavioral needs. Our office stays up to date on the latest technologies in pediatric dentistry and only offers treatments that we would use on our own children.

We ask parents not to, knowingly or unknowingly, project any anxiety onto their children. We want the best possible experience for your child and for him/her to feel at ease being at a dentist's office. Try not to let your loved ones tease your children about going to the dentist and unknowingly create a nervous kiddo!

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Often called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a gas that is routinely used to help your child relax through various procedures.  Nitrous oxide, when used properly, is very safe and does not cause your child to fall asleep. Despite its nickname, not all kids laugh on laughing gas.  A lot of times kids will tell Dr. Dina that they feel like someone is tickling them or they feel like they are floating or flying.

Speaking the Language of Your Child

Dr. Dina always tries to connect with your child at his/her language base. Sometimes this requires using word substitutes that create less anxiety. When speaking with your child about what is happening in his/her oral health, practice using some of these descriptors:  

  • Sugar bugs instead of cavities.

  • Sleepy juice instead of local anesthesia.

  • Superhero paint or princess paint instead of fillings.

  • Water whistle instead of a drill.

  • Superhero Tooth or Princess Crowns instead of crowns.